Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Speaking at MySQL Conference and Expo 2013

This year I have two sessions and one panel discussion.

- Practical failover design - automated, semi-automated and manual failover (24 April 11:10am - 12:00pm)
- Practices for reducing MySQL database size (25 April 12:50pm - 13:40pm)
- MySQL at Facebook: lots and lots of small data (25 April 1:50pm - 2:40pm, together with Mark, Harrison and Domas)

At HA session I'll speak about lessons learned at DeNA and Facebook.. I have used MHA at both companies, in both fully automated and not fully automated manner. We are also heavily testing GTID in 5.6 so probably I can share some practices as well. I'll speak about this at MySQL and Cloud Database Solutions Day on April 26, too.

At data reduction session, as session title suggests I'll talk about many data reduction techniques I have done so far and/or are planning to do at Facebook. Data reduction is very important for us. SSD / Pure Flash are still expensive, and "big data" costs a lot for such as backups, network transfers, etc.


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Is your talks available recorded so it can be watched online someplace?

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Hi Yoshinori,

I am planning to implement MHA in our environment. Is there a way to avoid single point of failure for MHA manager? Can there be another stand by manager if primary MHA manager dies which can take over for primary? If not what are the challenges and how can we avoid this single point of failure.

Also we use persistent and non-persistent connections, how can we handle seamless failover from client side in event of managed and automatic failover?

I'll appreciate your input.


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