Monday, March 31, 2014

MHA 0.56 is now available

I released MHA version 0.56 today. Downloads are available here. MHA 0.56 includes below features.

  • Supporting MySQL 5.6 GTID. If GTID and auto position is enabled, MHA automatically does failover with GTID SQL syntax, not using traditional relay log based failover. You don't need any explicit configuration within MHA to use GTID based failover.
  • Supporting MySQL 5.6 Multi-Threaded slave
  • Supporting MySQL 5.6 binlog checksum
  • MHA supports new section [binlogN]. In binlog section, you can define mysqlbinlog streaming servers. When MHA does GTID based failover, MHA checks binlog servers, and if binlog servers are ahead of other slaves, MHA applies differential binlog events from the binlog server to the new master before recovery. When MHA does non-GTID based (traditional) failover, MHA ignores binlog servers. More details can be found on documentation.
  • Supporting custom mysql and mysqlbinlog location
  • Adding ping_type=INSERT for checking connectivity for the master. This is useful if master does not accept any writes (i.e. disk error)
  • Added --orig_master_is_new_slave, --orig_master_ssh_user and --new_master_ssh_user for master_ip_online_change_script 
  • Added --skip_change_master,  --skip_disable_read_only, --wait_until_gtid_in_sync on masterha_manager and masterha_master_switch (failover mode).

6 comments: said...

What about MariaDB GTID ?
Is it supported too ?

Mark Callaghan said...

When does it become MHA version 1.0?

eric said...

It would be cool if MHA could move around slaves as well as masters.
Something similar to maatkit's mk-slave-move

--sibling-of-master Make the server a slave of its grandparent, so it is a
sibling of its master
--slave-of-sibling Make the server a slave of one of its siblings
--slave-of-uncle Make the server a slave of one of its uncles (parent's

This would be useful when you want to re-organize your replication topology without disturbing the master that is taking in writes.

Frédéric Descamps said...

This new version supports 5.6 GTID and MariaDB GTID

Yoshinori Matsunobu said...

The new version of MHA supports MySQL 5.6 GTID but has not supported MariaDB GTID yet. MariaDB GTID syntax is different from MySQL 5.6. MHA will support if demand is high enough, or welcome patches.

I have not decided when to use version 1.0 yet:) Some well known large companies use MHA in production for more than two years, so I'm pretty sure we can rename to 1.0:)

Céd said...

Yes, I would love MHA supports MariaDB GTID!

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