Thursday, March 27, 2014

Speaking about MySQL5.6 and WebScaleSQL at Percona Live

At Percona Live, Steaphan Greene and I will talk about MySQL 5.6 and WebScaleSQL at Facebook.

2 April 1:20PM - 2:10PM @ Ballroom E

In addition to that, I have two more talks this year.

Performance Monitoring at Scale
3 April 2:00PM - 2:50PM @ Ballroom G

Global Transaction ID at Facebook
4 April 12:50PM - 1:40PM @ Ballroom E

Many people from Facebook speak at Percona Live this year. Please take a look at an interview from Percona to see what we are going to speak.

I assume many of my blog subscribers have already heard about WebScaleSQL that was announced this morning. MySQL Conference in April is the biggest MySQL conference in the world so it's a perfect timing to release something and collaborate with experts. I hope to meet with many people there.


Tom Diederich said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you next week, Yoshinori! Here's the url to the interview we did for the MySQL Performance Blog today:

Thanks again for that - I appreciate it!

Thiago Maciel said...

Yoshinori. Could you please share your presentation: Performance Monitoring at Scale? I couldnt find in the link:
Thanks a lot in advance.

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