Friday, September 16, 2011

MHA for MySQL 0.52 released

 I'm happy to announce that MHA for MySQL (Master High Availability Manager and tools for MySQL) version 0.52 has been released. Downloads are available here.
 This is a stable release. I have been using MHA on our(DeNA's) cross-datacenter environments. We had tens of failover opportunities and MHA worked successfully in all cases.

 Here are release notes.

* multi-master configuration is supported
 See my previous blog entry for details.

* Package name changed
 To avoid potential trademark issues, I decided to change MHA package names (downloadable file names and GitHub repository name) from "MySQL-MasterHA-Manager" to "mha4mysql-manager", and from "MySQL-MasterHA-Node" to "mha4mysql-node".

 - URLs of MHA development repositories on GitHub changed as below.
 If you currently follow previous branches, please modify .git/config and point to new URLs to pull newer versions.

 - If you installed MHA node rpm packages (version 0.50) provided from our download site, when upgrading to newer versions, please explicitly uninstall the current rpm package (rpm -e MySQL-MasterHA-Node-0.50-...) and install newer version.

 All source codes, test cases, command line programs (i.e. masterha_manager), parameters etc are not changed. So product quality of MHA should not be affected by this change.

* rpm and deb packages are now provided
 Prior to 0.52, rpm package for MHA Manager was not provided, and deb package was not provided at all. Now both rpm and deb packages are provided for both Manager and Node(running on MySQL server).
 See how to install page for details.

MHA for MySQL, project Info

Project top page:


Source tarball, deb and rpm packages (stable release):

The latest source repository (development tree, url changed): (Manager source) and (Per-MySQL server source)

Commercial support for MHA is available from SkySQL.

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