Monday, March 26, 2012

Relocating to US and joining Facebook

I recently joined Facebook. I relocated to Redwood City (less than 10km from Facebook Menlo Park office) and I commute by bicycle (or caltrain + shuttle on rainy days). I'm currently taking a bootcamp training with Lachlan and other new employees, and will soon join database team.

I really enjoyed MySQL life at DeNA. This was actually the first time experience for me to manage hundreds to thousands of rapidly growing servers. I believe DeNA is the most technically advanced MySQL users in Japan. As you may know, DeNA is a creator of HandlerSocket NoSQL plugin. I created MHA for automating master failover and semi-online master switch. When I worked as a consultant at MySQL/Sun/Oracle, it was very difficult to allocate enough time for creating new products since I spent most of the time for 1-5 day consulting delivery to achieve sales/billing targets. I like short-term consulting, but I like long-term development/enhancement engagements, too. This was the biggest reason why I joined DeNA in 2010. Profitable and large services companies like DeNA have had many technically interesting problems, and it makes sense to allocate enough time for creating useful tools. I really appreciate all database and infrastructure team members, and social gaming developers at DeNA. I can still recommend Japanese software geeks to join DeNA.

As you know, Facebook is the most advanced MySQL users in the world. I'm excited to work on huge global environments and to work with world-famous colleagues. I need some time to get accustomed to a life in the Bay Area, but I hope it won't take long time. I'm looking forward to seeing many ex-MySQL colleagues and friends based in San Francisco and Bay Area. See you at upcoming MySQL Conference in Santa Clara!

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