Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Slides: Automated, Non-Stop MySQL operations and failover

 On Tuesday I presented "Automated, Non-Stop MySQL Operations and Failover" at the MySQL Conference and Expo 2011, and published the slides at SlideShare. I thought this talk was very complicated and it was not easy to understand in 45-minute session. Now slides are online so I assume attendees will be easier to understand what steps are needed for master failover and slave promotion.
 As I mentioned during the talk, I'm planning to release the tool (monitoring master failure, promoting slave automatically or manually, and optionally switching alive master manually) as an open source software soon. The tool does all the steps what I covered at the talk so actually you don't need to do the steps manually. If you find any missing steps that need to be covered, I'd appreciate if you point out.
 I'm also writing English documentation (user's guide) so please stay tuned if you're interested.

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