Monday, April 4, 2011

Speaking at MySQL Conference and Expo 2011

Next week I'll stay at Hyatt Santa Clara to attend the MySQL Conference and Expo 2011. This year I'll present one tutorial and two sessions.

- Linux and H/W optimizations for MySQL (Apr 11, 9:00-12:30)

- Automated, Non-Stop MySQL Operations and Failover (Apr 12, 15:05-15:50)

- Using MySQL As NoSQL - Introduction to HandlerSocket Plugin (Apr 13, 17:15-18:00) (Co-present with Kazuho Oku. He is a former employee at Cybozu Labs, and recently joined DeNA. He is an author of Q4M and MyCached(origin of HandlerSocket))

These talks will be based on my experiences as a former MySQL consultant and our experiences from running real-world social gaming platforms (DeNA is not well-known in US yet, but our service has 2-3 billion page views per day, so it's not small). Speaking 4.5 hours is not easy for a non-native English speaker, but I'll do the best to make the sessions will be interesting and beneficial.
Due to the recent disasters and ongoing rolling blackouts in Japan, most of my colleagues had to cancel the flight, and I also have to go back to Tokyo just after the UC (I booked the flight leaving at Apr 14 6:55pm),so I can't attend to some interesting events scheduled in Apr 15 or later. But it's confirmed that I can stay from Apr 10 to 14 so I look forward to seeing ex-MySQL colleagues and friends!

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